Baby Sew Cute! Pippa Peplum

Loving See Kate Sew’s new peplum patterns! I scooped up a bunch of patterns on Black Friday from several of my favorite (and some new to me!) independent designers and the Penelope Peplum was one of them. Then,  I got in on the Pippa action.  


It’s upcycled from a thrifted talbot’s sweater. The print and colors are adorable, with a spring flavor, but in a soft sweater knit. She is rocking it. The pants are pattern from a vintage baby sewing book my mother-in-law lent me called Sew for Baby The Fun Way! (is there any other way?) These are made from a stretch denim from Joann’s that I procured for a maternity skirt I made from Megan Nielson’s pattern. I finished the hem with fold over elastic because I wanted to try that technique…I liked it! I am a fan of anything quick and essentially foolproof. 


You just apply it like bias tape and I stretched as I sewed to make a little gathered effect–they sort of look like baby hammer pants, which is my mind makes them hilariously cute baby pants. So it’s a win! They actually fit her better than most pants because they give her lots of room in the bum and thigh department. I’ll need to whip up some more. I am working on a Pippa for my four year old; she doesn’t like things that are “too poofy” so I hope she will pick up what I’m layin’ down when I present it to her. Because I am gonna need her to wear this sweet, sweet top. More of these peplum tops on the way!



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